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Investor Pitch Deck Design Services

Impress your investors with our Pitch Deck Design Services

You have an amazing product or a business but that’s not enough to impress your investors? A persuasive investor pitch deck will help you to crack that crucial first meeting with potential investors, giving your business the best chance at securing investments. Many amazing ideas don’t make it because the startup pitch deck is simply not engaging enough. While the content of your pitch deck is equally important, the storyline, presentation flow, and design give you the X-factor that is needed to help you create the perfect first impression. We are a team of business strategists and designers who understand the importance of design in communicating your message effectively. We help startups, and businesses by creating awesome pitch decks that will definitely dazzle your investors. We have helped more than 1800 startups and businesses with investor pitch decks. We not only design pitch decks, but also carry out research, document your strategy, and work out your financial models. From those initial ideas scribbled on a napkin to the final edits of the pitch deck, our pitch deck experts will be there to support you at every step of the way. We follow a proven methodology to create the perfect pitch deck for you. We will help you build a narrative and establish your business case for investors to understand the problem your business solves, how it works, and why it is investable.



Check out some of our pitch deck designs and creation samples.


We offer customized pitch deck writing and pitch deck design services based on your requirements. Whether you are looking for a pitch deck to be developed from scratch or getting your pitch decks designed, we can help you. We empower you to approach the investors with confidence.


Pitch Deck Design

Make your pitch decks engaging and impactful.


Pitch Deck Re-Design

Transform your existing pitch decks with an intuitive design.


Pitch Deck Writing

Let us create your pitch decks from scratch.


Pitch Deck Design Services

Storytelling plays a key role in any startup presentation. With our creative team and cutting-edge technology, we create dynamic, inspiring presentations that instill action and trust. Our pitch deck design services achieve engaging, on-brand deliveries so your startup makes waves in the boardroom. Design is beyond decoration, our team understands your business, and the design is kept relevant to the business information you want to convey. Your first impression lasts a lifetime. Our unique pitch deck design services enable you to showcase your venture’s uniqueness, offerings, and potential, thereby helping to enhance your reputation and credibility to all your stakeholders, and potential investors.


Pitch Deck Re-Design Services

If you already have an existing pitch deck, we can transform it into an engaging and impactful pitch deck. With our pitch deck design services, you will have a clear and compelling presentation that will allow you to make your case for investment. We create concise and attractive presentations that illustrate your funding needs in an enticing, intuitive manner. Furthermore, our elegant designs reinforce your business’ credibility and demonstrate the potential of high ROI to your investors. Impress your investors by highlighting your venture’s growth potential. Our designs will help you to secure the investments needed for your business growth.


Pitch Deck Writing Services

We also provide end-to-end pitch deck creation services, right from narrative development, business analysis, creating a financial model, and putting them into an engaging pitch deck. Creating the perfect pitch deck is a critical part of fundraising. If you’re looking to raise capital, you need a convincing pitch deck that lays down the groundwork for your investors. Our pitch deck design services will create a refined visual document that highlights key information stakeholders need to know, including your business plan, product or services, and fundraising needs along with the forefront key metrics, like valuation, target market, and financial goals.

We take care of the design, while for the content, research, strategy, and financials we have partnered with BPlan Experts – one of the world’s leading business planning and startup consulting firms, having helped more than 1800 startups globally.


We want to see you succeed. We offer top service that only the world’s greatest pitch deck design agency can provide. Here is a breakdown of our creative process.


Presentation Content Creation-min

Business Analysis & Information Collation

We initiate the process by interacting with our clients and learning about their ventures. With the help of a detailed questionnaire and discussions, we collate an in-depth understanding of your business, strategies, and growth potential. This step is key in the process of creating a customized pitch deck for your business.


Presentation Redesign-min

Research & Documentation

We conduct in-depth market research focusing on industry trends, market opportunities, and competitors. We use secondary research sources to collect relevant data and information that enables us to showcase the business opportunity. We also work out the business model, revenue model, and implementation strategy specific to your business. This step forms the backbone content for your pitch deck presentation.



Once we have the base content in place. We create an engaging storyline using industry best practices for investor pitch decks used globally. Our storyboarding exercise ensures that the audience is hooked onto your presentation and facilitates curiosity and interest amongst your investors.


Creative Presentation Design-min

Visualization & Design

Once we have the storyboard in place, we focus on the most effective way to represent the content through a series of visualizations and design. Our team focuses on the most effective visual elements for your pitch deck presentation. We transform your startup’s story into a well-crafted visual narrative with icons, illustrations, imagery, typography, and many other design styles. When it comes to pitch deck design services, we aim for brilliance, not mediocrity. To achieve a winning presentation, we incorporate your brand guidelines and communication style into our work, to create the most authentic and polished representation of your organization. 


With our collaborations, we have helped more than 2000 startups and businesses with their pitch deck creation and design services. We have been in the industry for more than 14 years, and over the period we have proved ourselves to be the pioneers in the industry with our dedicated client support.


Trendy Designs

Design is beyond decoration; Design needs to convey the message and create an impact. We believe in innovative and intuitive designs. Our pitch deck designs are created keeping the audience in mind, their expectations, and what drives them, which makes our design extremely effective.


Engaging Storyboard

We are wired to listen to great stories. Rather than presenting your pitch decks like a machine, we add the magic of storytelling to each and every deliverable. This makes the pitch more interested, relatable, and memorable for the investors. If you can engage your audience, then the rest is easy.


On-Time Delivery

We are professionals and we ensure high-quality deliveries on time. On average we are 50% faster in delivering awesome pitch decks than our competitors. Our years of expertise, experienced designers, and robust delivery frameworks allow us to balance quality and time without foregoing anyone.


Confidential & Secured

We understand the handwork that you and your team have put in right from coming up with the idea to realizing it into a venture. We ensure your data and information are completely secured and that confidentiality is maintained with stringent measures. We even sign an NDA contract if you would require one.


Extensive Expertise

We are one of the first dedicated presentation design companies, which not only makes us the pioneers in the field but also over the years we have proven to be an industry leader. With our collaboration, we bring extensive experience in creating and designing high-quality pitch decks for businesses globally.


Industry Standards

We have researched and adopted the state-of-the-art global industry best practices in creating pitch decks for various domains, and purposes. Whether it is the seed stage or Series A, we customize your pitch decks depending on the purpose, the industry, and keeping the audience’s expectations in mind.


We work with a wide range of tools to create and deliver awesome pitch deck designs for your startup. Some of the tools are mentioned below:

PowerPoint Presentation Design
Apple Keynote Presentation Design
Google Slide Presentation Design
Canva Online Presentation Design
Prezi Online Presentation Design
Open Office Impress Presentation Design
Visme Online Presentation Design
Zoho Show Presentation Design
xprezio Interactive Presentation Design
Adobe After Effects Presentation Design
VideoScribe Video Presentation Design
PowToon Animated Presentation Design

INVESTOR Pitch Deck Design FAQs

A pitch deck typically includes key elements like the company overview, problem statement, solution, market opportunity, business model, competitive analysis, financial projections, team introduction, and a clear call to action. Get expert investor pitch deck design services at PresentationGFX.

The cost to design a pitch deck varies based on the complexity and services needed. Please reach out to us with your specific requirements for a personalized quote. To get a free quotation for your project, please visit our  Get a Quote page.

The purpose of a pitch deck is to succinctly present your business idea, goals, and value proposition to potential investors, showcasing the viability of your venture and persuading them to invest. Learn more at PresentationGFX’s investor pitch deck design services page.

A pitch deck is crucial because it concisely presents your business idea, highlights key points, and captivates investors. At PresentationGFX, our investor pitch deck design services ensure a compelling and visually appealing presentation to attract potential investors.

Pitch Deck Design is the art of creating visually compelling and persuasive presentations for investors. It communicates your business idea, value proposition, and financials effectively. Explore expert Investor Pitch Deck Design services at PresentationGFX.