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eLearning Design Services

Make your eLearning content engaging and memorable with our eLearning Design Services

We are a one-stop solution to all your eLearning content needs. We design your eLearning content to make them more powerful and engaging as per your requirements. Our eLearning design services are created with a clear focus on how best to impact the target audience in terms of training retention, knowledge retention, skill acquisition, performance improvement, and organizational effectiveness. Our eLearning design services aim at delivering top-notch learning experiences to your audience. Our creative team and expert instructional designers work with you to craft engaging content, design your course and create interactive animations, videos, and audio making it really powerful. We design eLearning courses across industries, from manufacturing to education, from financial services and healthcare to hospitality and retail. We make learning impactful, effective, and hassle-free. From design to development, we can handle all your eLearning needs.



We offer a complete range of design services for your eLearning needs. We design eLearning courses across all industries and business functions. From content development to design and development, we take care of all your eLearning needs. Check out our eLearning design services below.


eLearning Content Design

In the field of eLearning, having great content is not enough, it is the design that makes the content engaging and memorable. Our team of content designers helps you to transform your learning content into engaging storyboards through illustrations, artworks, imagery, and animations.


Animated eLearning Videos

Animated eLearning videos provide a memorable and effective experience for your audience. Our team of highly skilled animators with years of experience, delivering high-quality animated videos creates wonderful eLearning videos that are easy to consume and very engaging.


eLearning Content Development

We have a team of content writers and instructional designers who create customized eLearning courses as per your business requirements. Our team understands the value of training and creates effective learning content that helps employees to learn new skills.


eLearning Software Development

We specialize in developing and customizing eLearning software including LMS (Learning Management System). We build and deliver customized software solutions that help you deliver your eLearning courses. Our team will work with you to achieve the best results possible.


We work with a wide range of eLearning design tools and software to create and deliver engaging and seamless eLearning solutions customized to your business needs. Some of the tools and software capabilities are mentioned below:

Adobe Flash Animation Design
Adobe Animate Animation Design
PowerPoint Presentation Design
Adobe Premiere Video Production
Prezi Presentation Design
Xprez.io Presentation Design

E-Learning Design FAQs

Please click here to submit your requirements. Once we get your requirements we will analyze the same and schedule a call with you to understand the details and discuss solutions and options. Based on our discussion the team will send you a detailed and transparent quotation.

Yes, PresentationGFX specializes in developing and customizing eLearning software, including Learning Management Systems (LMS). They build and deliver customized software solutions to help clients deliver their eLearning courses.

PresentationGFX focuses on transforming learning content into engaging storyboards through illustrations, artworks, imagery, and animations. They also offer animated eLearning videos, crafted by a team of skilled animators, to provide a memorable and effective experience for the audience.

PresentationGFX offers a comprehensive range of eLearning design services. This includes eLearning content design, animated eLearning videos, eLearning content development, and eLearning software development. Their services cater to various industries such as manufacturing, education, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, and retail.

PresentationGFX works with a wide range of eLearning design tools and software. Some of these include Adobe Flash Animation Design, Adobe Animate Animation Design, PowerPoint Presentation Design, Adobe Premiere Video Production, Prezi Presentation Design, and Xprez.io Presentation Design.