Visual Communications & Graphics Design Services

Graphics Design & Visual Communications Services

360o Visual Communications & Graphics Design Services

PresentationGFX is the premiere visual communications and presentation design agency. We offer an end-to-end solution for all your creative, design, marketing, and visual communications needs. From conceptualizing to visualizing, designing, and animating – we are the one-stop shop for all your design needs. We create effective and impactful visual communications through presentations, videos, animations, and graphics. We understand the importance of effective communication. At PresentationGFX, we strategically and creatively combine visual design and animation to create engaging presentations, videos, graphics, and other digital media. We help you present your idea with an impact that engages your audience. Whether it is an internal presentation or a key client pitch, our services ensure that your idea gets the attention it deserves. Our creative designers are well-versed in the latest design techniques to ensure your visual needs are met with a polished final product. Innovative designs, professional delivery, creative representation of data, and cohesive storyboarding make us your ideal design partner for any project – large or small.



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Presentation Design Services

Professional PowerPoint design services ranging from corporate presentations, keynote design, and product presentations to investor pitch design we do it all. We understand your target audience and enhance your presentations to give a “wow” effect to your visual delivery.

Presentation Formatting Services

Corporate Template Design

Presentation Design, Revamp & Re-Design

PowerPoint Design Services

Animated Presentation Design

Creative Presentation Design Services


Presentation Training Services

Take the advantage of PresentationGFX’s years of experience and innovative design framework to learn how to create and design impactful & awesome presentations. We offer customized training programs and courses for corporate teams, working professionals, students, and educational institutions.

PowerPoint Training Services

Advanced PowerPoint Training Services

Presentation Training for Students & Professionals

Presentation Design Workshop for Corporates

Visual Communications Training

Data Visualization & Infographics Training

interactive-presentations Presentation Solution is a fully animated, interactive, and measurable presentation solution that doesn’t require any plugins or software. It runs across all devices and platforms including desktops, smartphones, tablets, and even a smart TV. Designs intelligently adjust to screen orientation and resolutions.

The Ultimate Presentation Solution

Stunning Designs & Fully Animated

Runs across all devices and platforms

Doesn’t require any downloads, plugins, or software

Intelligently adjusts to screen resolutions & orientations

Actionable, Interactive, and Measurable

Pitch Deck Design Services

Investor Pitch Deck Design

We create engaging investor pitch decks for fundraising for startups and businesses that will impress your investors and stakeholders. We ensure that each and every pitch deck is designed to convey the message right through to your audience and facilitate you to close the deal.

Market Research and Strategic Analysis

Pitch Deck Content Writing

Forecasts & Financial Modelling

Product or Services Demo

Storyboarding & Structuring

Pitch Deck Design & Delivery


Infographic Design Services

We convert complex sets of data, statistics, and information to an impactful visual snapshot. Infographic design involves simplifying information, data visualization and presenting it through a cohesive and easy-to-understand storyboard.

Infographic Diagrams & Posters

Process Maps, Timelines & Flowcharts

Character Design Infographics

Data Visualization & Statistical Design

Charts, Graphs & Dashboard Design

Geographical & Demographical Visualization


Motion Graphics & Animations

Unleash the true potential of user engagement through motion graphics and animated videos. We create awesome storylines presented through animation in form of corporate audiovisuals, motion graphics, viral videos, product demos, and explainer videos.

PowerPoint Animated Videos

2D Flash Animations & Videos

3D Aftereffects Animations & Videos

Explainer & Product Videos

Character & White Board Videos

Corporate Audio Visuals


Reports & Documents Design

We offer a wide range of reports and document design services which include proposal design, annual reports, marketing collateral, etc. Our capabilities include Office Suite, Word, Excel, Publisher, PDF, etc.

Annual Report Design Services

Investor Relations Document Design Services

Proposals and Report Design Services

Smart Forms and PDF Forms Design Services

Corporate Document Template Design

FlipBook Document Design & Development


Marketing Design Services

Our marketing design services provide high-quality graphics and digital designs which help you to engage with your customers in a unique way. We understand your brand and your customers, which helps us to create the right design for your marketing needs.

Marketing Collateral Design Services

Poster, Flyers, Calendars, Standees Design

Offline Advertisement Design Services

Digital Advertisement Design Services

Packaging Design Services

Email & Digital Design Services


Branding & Corporate Identity

We offer end-to-end branding and design services customized for your business. Right from brand strategy, and planning to design and execution, we do it all. We offer a variety of branding tools that will enable you to define or redefine your brand identity and stand out from your competitors.

Brand Book & Brand Guidelines

Logo Design Services

Corporate Identity Kits Design Services

Flyers & Brochure Design Services

Cooperate Template Design Services

Office Stationery & Gifts Design Services


Digital Marketing Services

We offer 360o digital marketing initiatives by blending marketing strategy, technology, and design, including social media, search engine, content, and email marketing, along with advertising management. We focus on a holistic approach to creating brand awareness and conversion for your products and services.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Presence & Online Reputation Management

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing (SEO/SEM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Digital Advertisement Management (PPC, Display)

Email Marketing (Design & Delivery)


eLearning Design Services

We offer a range of customized eLearning content design and software solutions that makes your content innovative, engaging, memorable, and easy to understand. We offer an end to end services for any eLearning company which makes us an ideal partner for them.

eLearning Content Development Services

Instructional Content Design Services

eLearning Course Programming Services

eLearning System Design & Development

Content Delivery and Testing Platforms

Learning Management System Development


Web Design & Development

We offer a full-service web & mobile application design and development that offers a wide array of digital solutions with cutting-edge web technologies. We offer web and app interface design through our UI & UX design services along with website, WordPress, and eCommerce development services.

UI & UX Design, Wireframes, Mockups

Website Design & Development Services

WordPress Design & Development Services

eCommerce Development Services

Application Development Services

eBusiness Solutions (CRM, HRMS, ERP, etc)


Presentation Design Tools

We have extensive experience in a wide range of presentation design tools and software including Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi, Apple Keynote, and several other tools. With the help of these cutting-edge tools along with our professional presentation design expertise, we create creative and aesthetic presentations for our global clients.


Document Design Tools

We also specialize in professional document designing services. Some of our popular capabilities include Microsoft Word design, Adobe Acrobat PDF design, advanced Microsoft Excel design, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. We do not offer just tool capabilities but also push their limits to create easily editable creative documents and reports for all your corporate document designing needs.


Graphic Design Tools

Creative graphic design services are at the core of all our offerings. We use industry-standard high-end graphic tools to create engaging illustrations and design deliverables. Some of our graphic design tool capabilities include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, and Affinity Publisher.


Animation & Motion Graphics Tools

We also offer a wide range of motion graphics and animated videos for our clients through various deliverables like explainer videos, product demos, whiteboard videos, etc. We use the industry-recommended tools for motion graphics and animation such as Adobe Flash, Adobe Animate, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe AfterEffects.


UI / UX Design & Development Tools

We are extremely proud of our User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design services both for web and mobile applications. Our designs are creative, aesthetic, and intuitive. Some of our UI & UX design capabilities include Adobe XD for mockups, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJs, and ReactJs for interface development.


Application Development Capabilities

We have a wide range of technical capabilities which helps us develop an array of web and mobile applications. Some of the capabilities include WordPress website development, WooCommerce eCommerce development, Joomla content management system, PHP applications, python applications, Laravel framework, nodeJs, Zoho suite, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Android SDK, iOS development, and Swift to name a few.


We have several other niche capabilities. Let us know if you have any queries.