A short guide to designing investor Pitch Decks

A short guide to designing investor Pitch Decks

A short guide to designing investor Pitch Decks

A pitch deck presentation comes in handy when entrepreneurs and startup founders have to showcase their businesses, attract investors, and elevate funding for business growth. It plays a significant role in revealing stories more effectively. A well-created pitch can easily convince investors and influence them to raise funding. But the question arises – how to create a solid pitch deck that wins every heart? To get an answer to this question, you must get into reading this blog.

What is a pitch deck? What’s the purpose of creating it?

A pitch deck is a 15-20 slide presentation for a business. It is designed to give a short tour of a company, a business model, traction, and startup vision. The purpose of creating a pitch deck varies. One may make it to present in front of an audience while giving a demo or to get a meeting with an investor. Different use cases and time constraints define the information quantity, but the basic structure remains unchanged. In short, one can summaries the pitch deck definition as follows:

A pitch deck is a story of a startup, the milestones it achieved, and its prospective for growth.

Important documents you must include in your pitch

Let’s have a look at the documents that you must include in your presentation to make a strong and compelling case;

  • Cover Letter – A cover letter is an icebreaker that persuades investors or your target audience to consider your business idea.
  • Elevator Pitch Statement – Include a one-page pitch that summarizes your business idea. It shouldn’t read more than 20-30 seconds – which means it covers as much time as it takes to ride an elevator.
  • Business Plan – A business plan gives a clear picture to your audience of how you plan to put your business into practice.

It covers – a detailed marketing plan, risk analysis, competitors analysis, sales strategy, and financial plan – it has everything you would do to win funds.

How do you create an interesting Pitch Deck?

The secrets to creating an exciting pitch deck include some expert design tips, which are shared below. So, let’s jump in quickly.

Employ storytelling techniques:

Good stories impress. Creating a good story will let you tickle your audience’s emotions and entice them to decide in your favor. This is true because humans mostly make emotion-based decisions with some logic backing them. You may try any of these storytelling techniques for your presentation:

  • The before-after-bridge technique – Begin with a world of specific problems, then move to the world without that problem. You have to show your business idea before and after phases as the bridge.
  • The PAS technique – PAS stands for Problem, Agitate, and Solution. It happens like this: 
    • Give details of a problem, 
    • Develop it, and 
    • Offer a solution – your service or product

Emphasize Advantages, Not Features

The more you emphasize the benefits of your business idea, the more effective your pitch will be. The reason why Dropbox was successful in raising $1.7 billion in 2007 is because they emphasized the benefits of their idea. It also got back from investors like JP Morgan. While you design your pitch deck, focus on emphasizing the advantages and not the features of your product. When customers learn how your product or service will benefit them, it will woo them immediately.

Don’t Tell it – Show it

Give your audience as many reasons as possible to invest in your product or services. If you take Tinder’s pitch deck as an example, you will learn that leveraging this idea made it successful. With its deck, Tinder earned $50 million in funding in just three rounds. The only secret behind it was that they showed the audience what their business idea would do.

Make a Professional-looking Pitch Deck

From color and templates to wording and font style, choose everything professional-looking. It will make your pitch stand out and give you more chances of success. Here are some more tips you must keep in mind to create a professional-looking pitch deck:

  • Keep your slides simple and clean – Because cluttered slides are unappealing. Minimal designs do their best to leave a lasting impression.
  • Choose legible fonts – You must use simple fonts to let your audience easily navigate your shared information.
  • Be good with color contrast – Choose good color contrasts in your presentation to leave a memorable impression on your audience.


You can create a compelling presentation by following these design ideas. However, to make it more convincing, you must reach out to the help of experts. Presentation GFX is the best partner you can look at for pitch deck design services. Our experts have extensive years of experience and are well-versed in creating an impressive pitch deck for every niche and use case. We ensure you deliver the best services.

Lastly, remember to practice your presentation delivery. Present it with enough confidence that no one leaves unimpressed in your audience. A well-designed pitch is just one part; the remaining is your presenting skillset. So work on it adequately.

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